Monday, April 19, 2010

Речь Ноа бенШиа. "Путешествие к величию". (Noah benShea. "Journey to Greatness").

Всем привет!

Я сейчас очень сильно загружена и снова сдаю нескончаемые экзамены. Но сегодня, после очередного сданного экзамена, мне тяжело заставить себя готовиться к следующему экзамену, который будет завтра. К тому же, я случайно обнаружила эту классную речь на сайте 2 Канадского конгресса по вопросам качества (поддерживаемый одной из моих профессиональных организаций ASQ).

И я хочу поделиться этим со всеми. Так как речь этого удивительно человека просто не оставляет равнодушным!

Для тех, кто плохо знает английский язык, я процитировала речь от начала до конца и сделала внизу ссылку на перевод.

"Lets imagine that who we are is a wagon with all our stuff everything that we know about ourselves in it. And we gonna pull this wagon through our life. And lets say that we have 12 horses: horses of fear and faith, but since all of use have more fears than faith, lets say we have 11 horses of fear and only 1 horse of faith.
If we put any horses of fear at the head of our wagon it will be like: "I am not sure I can do it", "My mother told me that I could not do it", "My father never believed me that I could do it", "My first wife told me I could not do it", "I am not sure, I made a mess last time"... The wagon is going nowhere...
If you put the single horse of faith at the front of the wagon team, the horses of fear will follow. Your fears will be fuel for your faith if you put your faith and not your fears in charge.

All self-transformation requires self-witnessing.
All self-transformation requires self-witnessing.

Sometimes the only thing that feels worse than in a bad mirror is a good one. The truth is on the present, the truth is always here, the truth does not go into hiding because we shut our eyes. The truth is like an obviousness, then this obviousness is camouflaged. It is like a white noise sometimes. Greatness knocks on all our doors, but the question is: "Are we honestly listening?"

This was an actual question that was put to people who were looking for work. And out of 200 people who applied for the job, this guy with his answer got the job. You are driving alone in a rainy night. You pass a bus stop and at the bus stop you see a friend who once saved your life. You see an old woman who desperately needs to go to the hospital. And you see the woman of your dreams... You only can take one person in your car. Who'd you put in the car? The guy who got the job said: "I'd give the keys to the car to my friend, let him take the old woman to the hospital. And I'd sit on the bus bench with the woman of my dreams..." You see why he got the job?!

The Journey to greatness is about getting on the bus of your dreams. This is the cosmic street car named “desire”.

If all the thing you should give your kids, give them your time and your honesty and your vulnerability, and you will make them strong. Do not kiss your children, so they will kiss you back, but so they will kiss their children and their children's children.

Remember the greatness is not ahead of you, but within you. And remember that life tends to smile on those who smile back.

May you go from strength to strength, may you be a source of strength to others and may you know that I am at your services.

Peace of blessings.

Thank you.

Noah benShea."

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Всем хорошего настроения и улыбаться чаще!